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Administrator Forms

Persons wishing to be approved as a pension plan administrator must submit a completed application and related forms to the Commission.

Administrator Application Form

Administrator Institutional Questionnaire

Administrator Personal Questionnaire


Commission guidance is also available to assist those seeking to be approved as an administrator.

Administrator Guidance


Approved pension plan administrators are required to submit a variety of forms and associated documents in connection with various transactions under the Act.


Approved administrators can gain access to these forms by clicking on the links below:

Registration (Form 1)

Financial Institution Pension Plan Registration (Form 1A)

Local Retirement Product Application (Form 1B)

Plan Amendment (Form 2)

Certificate of Participation (Form 3)

Annual Information Report (Form 4)

Annual Administrative Fees (Form 7)

Local Retirement Product Annual Information Report

Wind-Up Report for Defined Contribution Pension Plan

Wind-Up Report for Defined Benefit Pension Plan

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