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Board & Staff

The Pension Commission’s Board consists of the Chair, Deputy Chair, up to seven other members and the Financial Secretary (ex-officio).  All Board members are appointed by the Minister of Finance.


The Board’s primary responsibilities relate to the effective oversight of the Commission as a statutory organization and the efficient use of both public and private sector funds it receives.


Kelly Hodsoll – Chair

Jocene Wade – Deputy Chair

Donna Harvey Maybury

Philip Smith

Nathan Kowalski

Edward Ball Jr

Cheryl-Ann Lister – (ex-officio)


Under the leadership of the Chief Executive officer, the Pension Commission’s staff carry out the functions and operations of the Commission. The current staff have significant years of experience in responding to service providers and members of the public requests for assistance.


Peter T. Sousa – Chief Executive Officer

Jewell Eve – Pension Analyst

Racqual Wainwright – Pension Analyst

Kent Tacklyn – Pension Analyst

Melonie Dill – Inspector

Danielle Foley – Assistant Inspector

Iesha Gibbons-Evans – Administrative Assistant

Wessex House, 45 Reid Street, Hamilton

Tel. 441-295-8672

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